Upcoming Show at William Siegal Gallery

I have a new show coming up at  William Siegal Gallery.   Opening night is Friday, August 31 from 5-7pm.  The show runs through September 22nd.

60,000 Positive Thoughts

60,000 Positive Thoughts” is an inaugural showing of my current conceptual project – a perpetually evolving installation of past, present (in form) and future positive thoughts which are fleeting and transitory. It is said that we have approx 60,000 thoughts per day.  What if we reprogram those to be positive thoughts? This work exists as a counterpoint to the deluge of negativity that we often face, especially from the media. Fiercely guarding our optimism is a choice.

In creating these individual brush strokes I embed a positive thought as the brush moves over the surface of the paper. The resulting work imparts a peaceful and calming attitude.

~ by Robert on July 19, 2012.

One Response to “Upcoming Show at William Siegal Gallery”

  1. Hi Alison! Jane and I will try to make your opening!
    We’re driving from LA on the 30th..
    Bill Becher

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