Rice as Art

Cycling the Kibi Plain near Okayama, rice is the visual staple as it is the predominant crop. I have been lacking in contemporary art since Naoshima and Teshima, so I decided to create my own by capturing images of rice. It is harvest time; these images are all post-harvest shots. 








~ by Robert on October 27, 2014.

4 Responses to “Rice as Art”

  1. Love these photographs! Look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your trip when I get back to NM. I’m headed to California today – will return on 10 November.

  2. Really- the cut rice crop looks beautiful too? I see new work in this Alison.

  3. Alison, wonderful images from what looks like an amazing trip. The overall feeling is that a incredible sense of aesthetics is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. The contemporary museum looks fabulous! Hope you are Rob are well.

  4. Sorry Alison, too lazy to leave my name above!

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