Group show at the New Mexico Museum of Art

Breath Taking at the NM Museum of Art. March 13 – September 7, 2021

“Inhalations”, sumi-ink on paper, 26” x 33” 2009

BREATH: It is one of the first things we do in life and one of the last, but in between we don’t think much about it. In this exhibition, contemporary artists find inventive ways to express the act and importance of breathing by measuring it, scanning it, enclosing it, evoking it, and reminding us that every breath we take is a cooperative venture with our landscape.

Included are drawings, installations, photographs, sculptures, and video by artists including Alison Keogh, Stuart Allen, Linda Alterwitz, Cynthia Greig, Sant Khalsa, Jill O’Bryan, Kim Richardson, Meridel Rubenstein, and more. Visitors are invited to slow down and ponder the role of breath in our lives and experience this unique gathering of work.

Forbes article update 3 May 2021

~ by Robert on February 11, 2021.

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